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United We Stand Compilation-released March(2000). Our first appearance on a cd. This includes bands from all over the tri state area. The funny thing is, we're one of the only bands still together, or at least with the same members thats included on this cd. You can find it at, zig zags, vintage vinyl in fords,nj, and maybe others.track afn contributed:
  • Last Attempt (demo version)

    All For Nothing-self titled.

    Released November 2000. Our first LP that we released with no record label backing it up. We figured we could go "DIY" and promote it ourselves. Its available at Zig Zag's, Vintage Vinyl, and Or you can order it direct from us. Go to the merch section to find out how! Heres what the artwork looks like.

    Sweet Anguish

    A complete 360 from our first effort. Emphasizing more on heavier riffs, scales, and lyric structure. This album clocks in at 57 minutes with 10 tracks. One track is a revised version of Food And Dust which appears on "AFN". Evan from the band Double Exposure appears on the record filling in a couple songs with keyboards and synth. Lyrically, the songs deal with anger outside of Nick's own personal life. Dealing with politics, law, and a dedicated song to those lost in the world trade center. Its brutal metal with of course a couple mellow songs to go along with it. Definetley an accomplishment that we are extremley proud of. We should have the artwork up here soon.

    this is the artwork of our first self titled cd