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What's the dealy yo?

5/09/02 Well I turned 21 last week, thanks to everyone that wished me happy birthday, that was cool. A lot has been going on in the AFN camp in the past few weeks. We have been working on a couple new songs, designing a new website, and planning a summer tour. We will be playing 3 shows before summer starts on Staten Island. One show in particular will take place at Club Drink (formely CILO to you CLUB dwellers out there). Laura thought itd be cool if we play a battle of the bands contest. It was never a thought in our minds to do something so corny as this. Getting in the Aquarian Weekly and possibly winning a shitload of money (which will be great towards our tour, and also can help in our merchandising)aint such a bad idea. We hope this will be the final time we do something like this and stick to our DIY standards. If youd like to come, tickets are 10 bucks (argh! i know) but we promise to leave the place bleeding. We're probably the only non rap metal band kids itching for pure brutal metal might have a sigh of relief when we play. In case you missed the dates for the shows...back click to the main page and look at the marquee. Evan from Double Exposure (Saugerties,NY) hopefully will be making an appearance at one of these shows...we'll let ya know when its definite. Thats the news for ya, Nick.

4/07/02-Hi,well it looks like going to London wont be happening just yet. Instead we had our first practice since mid-march. We immediatley started working on a new song. Im getting scared, this song is no where near finished but its like the most intense song we've written to date. In other news, if you go to, you can check out an underground punk/hardcore webzine. Our new record was reviewed by the site, nothing but good things to say about it. Thanks! Also, all of a sudden a lot of new All For Nothings are popping up. Its amazing that we went 6 years without another band using this name. Whatever...i have a feeling this spring and summer is going to be the most memorable for the band. Hopefully we get on a label finally. We have one show on Staten Island coming up. Its going to be at Dock St on April 20th. Since its 420, alot of people will try their hardest to get stoned at this show. How fun (sarcasm). This will be your only chance to check us out in the area till at least the summer. Playing the show with us will be 4DM, Resin, and other bands i never heard of. We go on second, so be there early, we plan on making up for the March 1st show by exploding on stage in a full on metal assault.

We also have been given the opportunity to play a show during Fleet Week for the Sailors. I hope theyre itchin for some brutal metal, we hope to deliver. Its a huge honor, itll feel great to play She Remains for them. More info on the dates coming soon. The CD was remixed and mastered by Paul Carstens. Its not a huge difference, just few panning mistakes, and levels were fixed up. So if you still dont have a copy, EMAIL ME!!! By the way, the BIO has been updated so click on Story to check it out. peace, Nick.

3/20/02-Responses for the new album have been pouring in like crazy. We're happy to hear that you like it. I also want to clear something up. Some of you might be saying "i miss the old afn." Well the old afn didnt show what they were really capable of. Whoever says that they miss it shouldve let us know that they enjoyed it int he first place by coming to our shows. All of a sudden its like we were liked all this time by so many people. We never noticed it. So now that we put all of our anger and frustration into the music and making it positve, screaming and singing at the same time, some kids seem to think we're trying to be something we're not. Thats bull...we are what we sound like on that cd, we're not selling out to what everyone else likes. We always enjoyed listening and playing this kind of music while blending our own originality in it. A good musician would notice the complicated patterns and scales that we lacked from the first record. As well as no longer singing about personal stuff. We worked extra hard (almost a fucking year) and it hurts to hear people say those things. Well hey, its your opinion. A small percentage of you have said that over the large percentage so its not so bad to us. ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!! So we have been working on a new song that is just mind boggling hard to play, but its wicked fun. We will all be going on vacation starting tomorrow, not all at the same time exactly. Anthony will be going to London for a few days, laura will be going to new orleans, Paul will be going to montreal, and then laura, anthony, and i will be going to london again the first week of april. So yea...doesnt that sound weird? We have shows coming up starting april 20th at dock st, and then the 21st in Long Island. More info on that coming soon. BTW if you would like a cd (its free), just email See ya in april!! Nick, All For Nothing

3/3/02- Friday we released our new record. We pressed only 50 and got rid of 50! The release was celebrated at Dock St Bar and Grill on SI. The show was packed. It seemed as if everyone came to either see us or Into The Looking Glass. Boy did they get a response...good luck to them! They've been good friends of ours since they started. We had to go on last because of the usage of Yearsafter's drumset. CCT needed it so we gladly let them go on before us. Due to the fact that the first band "Dreams Forever Drowning" showed up almost an hour late. The show was then backed up and we did not go on till close to 1. People were tired and started to leave. I was shot myself. Jeff and I worked together on the show getting the bands. I was being beckoned left and right by friends, bands, and fans, etc. If you know me, you know that i love to attend to everyone that needs my help. Well friday night was the last straw for my nerves. By 1 am my body completley shut down while we were playing and i was running on empty trying to do the best i could. I didnt do any drugs, smoke anything, etc. It was just natural fatigue and i apologize to everyone if our performance wasnt up to par. It was my fault. I guess i cant juggle putting a show together that your band is also playing in. All in all, the cd has been getting a huge response. If you have a copy already, and have read the linear notes, you know that you can sign our guestbook and tell us what you think. If you didnt get a copy because of it selling out. Dont fret, more copies are on the way! Once again, thanks to everyone that helped us celebrate. We will see you all soon!!-Nick

1/07/02-We played a show at this "new place" called Insomnia that is right near the old Wave. Reason i put quotations is because its not a new place to us. We played there once before, back in 98. Then it was known as Visions, a lesbian bar. It was also lauras first show with us. I can remember not having such a great time there due to the fact that i started to become less interested in the band for some reason. I think it was because we werent playing the kind of music that made me feel happy. I felt like we could do better. What also sucked was that the sound in there was terrible. I vowed never to play there again cause it was so bad. This time around, i forgot about all that stuff and we played there again. The same shit happened. Only thing now is, im happy with the band, musically and personally. The sound still sucked. Ceramic floor tiling and mirrors on the walls do not mix with loud metal music. For the first time, we were told to lower ourselves. We did, to the point where i couldnt hear myself and it still seemed to loud to the audience. The design of this place is piss poor. I shouldnt be so harsh of course because Joey Martin of Yearsafter has gone out of his way to put shows on there. He doesnt have a choice really in places to work with. So we must thank him for that. Although i dont know if i really wanna play there anymore cause itll just anger me and i wont have a good time. ---In other news, laura will be traveling to Japan and stayin there for the remainder of January to visit her brothers Wife's family. We are going to finish the drum and guitar tracks next week, maybe squeeze in some bass tracks too. If not now, then the last week of january theyll be done. It will all be done! YAHOO! No more waiting kids. For the tracklisting and stuff, scroll down to the last update. We will not be playing any shows until March 1st, we have a big show planned for that night. All of our friends from the beginning to now that have supported us and treated us like family will be playing together with us to celebrate our new cd. Whos playing u ask? Resin, Invision,Into The Looking Glass, Yearsafter, us, and Cable Car Theory. It will be a fun time, at least for the bands it will be. CCT is planning to do a few shows with us away from here over that weekend, and possibly the weekend after as well. Thats all for,nick

Hey! Gee its been a while since i updated the news section. If you are lucky enough to be on the AFN mailing list, you'd be well informed of whats been going on with the ol gang. If you arent, then heres a full rundown. First off, FUCK YOU! No just kiddin. AFN spent the entire month of November finishing the writing for the upcoming record. Things are running smoothly, and we're 90% ready to finish the recording. The album will be called "Enough". Its a title that Laura and I came up with while walkin to the deli to get more beer. Besides the title probably never being used before, it means that we have had enough with "bullshit". Being frustrated with getting an audience, enough with stress, enough with being unhappy in the band, enough of the world fighting with each other. The record is going to be heavy, not just in the sense of how it sounds, lyrically too. A lot of issues that arent as personal as the first record was. The first record was gettin that teenage angst off our chest. We're now all in our 20's, yet we're still angry at the world. We are no longer in standard tuning. We have tuned a whole step down to D, and we drop to C too. It gives a better range to my voice and to our sound. Here's the tracklisting in no particular order. SWEET ANGUISH,INTO A LIGHT THAT SHADOWS GRAY,MY CHOICE,MOODSWING,THERE IS NO FIVE SECOND RULE ON THE STATEN ISLAND FERRY,ENOUGH, RELEASE ME,FOOD AND DUST, SUPER PREDATORS,and a song yet to be named. 10 tracks! I beg of you to please buy this record when it comes out. We really worked hard and took our time to make it perfect. If this record doesnt suit ya, what will? Love-Nick

9/22/01-Hmm...well what's done has been done and we will all now begin world war 3. This will be the ugliest war in history and i dont think it'll ever end. We and a lot of other bands are helping by putting on shows to raise money so that families who might not have an income that can take care of their bills,etc, because of this tragedy. They can at least have some benefits to get each other. back on their feet. The bands playing this show on October 13th know each other very well and are all buds. The bands playing will be Into The Looking Glass, AFN, Years After, The Cable Car Theory, and Most Precious Blood (f.k.a. Indecision). It will be held at Dock St in Staten Island. If you are out of town and wish to attend this show but dont know how to get there, email

Throughout all whats been going on in the past weeks, AFN has strived on and is continuing to write more material for the upcoming cd. We hope that it is ready before November...then again, it probably wont. I also have been hearing that AFN is been requested a lot on 89.5WSOU's street patrol show. Thanks alot to everyone that has requested us. When SOU hears our new stuff, theyre not gonna believe its the same band. Not to sound concieted but i have a huge feeling that jaws will drop when this thing hits the streets. Good luck to all! Nick- allfornothing.

p.s. All these years i was always against establishment. I truly appreciated the wars we won for our freedom. Though, last few wars we have been involved in had nothing to do with us, therefore i was against ever joining the army. Now that this has happened, i realized that America means a lot more to us than it ever has. We shouldnt take what we have for granted again. Yea i know Politics, and laws are all fucked up but we still have it better than most countries. We also have a voice, a freedom to spread our opinions and ideas. Most countries arent allowed of this. God help us all...

8/26/01-Sorry to announce, but our album is being delayed a little bit longer. Its a good thing though. The first mix was recorded on an 8 track digital mixer thingy mabob. We are keeping the same drum tracks and mixing them down to 4 tracks instead of 2 onto a 24 track digital mixer. This means the record will sound 10 times better than it already is. We also are in the process of getting to record another new track, and are working on another song. I cant say when exactly everything will be done. I just hope it doesnt drag on till november like the first record did. We have 2 shows coming up at dock st. One show is a benefit on October 7th. This show is to raise money for dock st's legal battles trying to keep the shows all ages. The 2nd dock st show will be on october 19th. Its a deviate entertainment showcase. Featuring bands that they think have potential. I guess we're one of them. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP US OUT WITH SHOWS ELSEWHERE THAN HERE!! please email if you can help. We'll do everything we can for you in return. Peace,love and monkey cheese...nick

8/09/01-Album news: Although we have recorded the majority of our upcoming record, we will be postponing the release. This is because we have 2 more songs that still need to be recorded. They need to be rehearsed a whole lot more. Its worth the wait i think, these songs kick! Don't fret though kids, we will hopefully be giving out a 3 song sampler at next weeks show. Shows: August 15th at Gateway. Its a free show, its at a big ass park off hylan blvd so come on down and check out the new AFN. August 17th,18, and 19th in Saugerties FOR DONSTOCK. Local band and friends Ring and Run will hopefully be making the trot up there with us for the big 3 day show. For september, we will hopefully have a couple shows out of town, info on that comin soon. October 19th at Dock st. with There 4, and more. This is Dave Pando's attempt of bringing a scene back to staten island. yea so those are basically our shows right now. Been having trouble and need more help with gettin shows elsewhere. We're workin on it! Other news: I am appearing on Cable Car Theory's debut LP on Immigrant Sun Records entitled "The Deconstruction...". I sing backup vox on the song "Analysis". The album will be released very soon! You guys should check out CCT this weekend at the Immigrant Sun Records showcase at "The green door"-140 W. 24th st (btw 6th and 7th ave. 7 bucks! 6 bands...not to shabby. Show starts at 8pm...its august 11th. And too the not so bright we are not playing that show. I am just plugging a promising band as well as good friends. AND MORE NEWS: Nick's other band Darkile have pretty much parted ways with each other. No hard feelings or nothing. Sean joined Most precious blood (indecision) for their tour and possibly staying. Joe is too busy with his other band Years After which happens to be quite good. I also would rather focus on AFN right now since our style is finally where we want it to be. As far as the other members, somthing else might be starting up. It was a fun ride playing death metal with them, and im gonna miss it, whatcha gonna do? Hopefully we can get together and record it sometime. Great fucking songs shouldnt go to waste. So...if any of y'all wanna pass this info on to other kids who inquire, feel free to spread the word...take care, Nick.

5/27/01-Alright well AFN is on fire right now writing new material for the next record. We are extremely excited of whats gonna come out of it. So far 6 songs have been completed with a 7th in the works. We are also working on new cover song which will be named later. Our tour is being postponed to the mid to end of the summer. Too much was going on and we couldnt get all the dates straightened out. We desperately need a management cause this is one thing we cant do on our own. We should be headin into the studio around mid-june. As always...if youre a band thats interested in trading shows with us email

4/11/01-Sorry for not updatin the site as often as i usually do. Been pretty busy, couldnt find the time. Well we got some more stuff to announce. First off, AFN is headin back into Studio 8100 to record a 5 (maybe 6)song EP. It will contain the brand new track "Your Everyday Zombie" and a yet to be titled track. The heavy songs are more aggressive, and the lighter songs are more intense with the lyric writing as well as music than the first record. More guitar harmonies and scale based riffs as well. We will not be putting this out through a disc manufacturer due to our debts. We will be making CD-R copies along with individual covers that the 4 members decided on for themselves, just to be creative! It also shouldnt be long before its released either. Figure late may, early june. We will also be on a compilation cd thats in the works right now. More info on that soon! If there is a label out there that is interested in helpin out in our distribution, please email Otherwise, we are shoppin for a distributor. We may have a shot at being on the Initial Records catelog...possibly! Remember to come check us out May 11th at Dock St. You wont see us for a bit after that date since we will be touring. We will be premiering the new stuff and also other surprises.

3/8/01-Heres a little update on the tour we are putting together. So far we will be having a date confirmed soon for pittsburgh, a city in Illinois that i forgot the name of,indiana, and ohio. Dont ask how we are gonna survive this. All im saying is that we will! There will be more info on this soon. The tour should take place in mid-may. We are also returning to Staten Island for one last gig before the big trip. Next update should include the bands we will be playing with and possible confirmed dates....Once again we would like to thank the 50+ people that came down to L'amours last saturday. We had a great time up there playing. We played a brand new song that got us a huge response. Hey not for nothin...this song is probably my favorite of all. Funny thing is, the riff was written between Paul and I over 3 years ago. Still doesnt have a title to it yet, but ill come up with something! See ya soon!-Nick

2/22/01-As of right now, AFN has just the march 3rd date as far as upcoming shows go. BUT! This is really some info thats in its very early stages. In fact it hasnt even been fully discussed yet between the band. It is very possible that we will be planning a tour of the midwest very soon within the next couple of months with a band to be announced. Saturday i will update the site and give more details. If theres any bands out there that wish to trade shows with us by the way, email

2/17/01-VERY IMPORTANT NEWS...Some of you out there went down to Dock Street last night and saw a band called Darkile. You were probably saying to yourself "IS THAT NICK?!". Yes, it was me with my new haircut. Darkile is basically the remaining members of yearsafter, billy (resin,skrewtape) and I as the new guys. Before the rumors start, i just wanna say that in no way am i leaving AFN at this point. I have no intentions of leaving because of being in this new band. If i was to leave it would be for other reasons. If you were shocked by the style of music i was playing, well i listen to a lot of brutal metal and some of that ol hardcore stuff. I always wanted to be in a band that just fuckin ripped itself apart on stage with the most mind blowing breakdowns you could imagine. I also wanna be in AFN playing straigh up metal with catchy melodic riffs as well. These 2 bands are completley different and in no way will interfere with each other. Dont listen to anyone who says i left AFN, its completley false. You heard it hear first! Anyways back to the AFN news...we've already sold close to 40 tickets for our upcoming show at L'amour. We have a few new songs to play. One of them i am really excited about...we need support badly for this show. We would appreciate everyone to come down and enjoy a great show. And hey, instead of paying 12 bucks to get in, if you go through us you pay only 8 which saves you a few dollars for a cd and the friggin rediculous 7 dollar Verrazano bridge toll. Ok, thats all for now...see ya soon.-nick

1/22/01-Hey whats up everyone. You can now purchase our cd online at! I still have trouble uploading mp3's onto our site. I cannot do it on because theres an AFN band on there that beat us to it. Thats ok, we have been around longer, and we have more of shot of getting somewhere than they do, so we wont be dicks and tell em to change the name. Anywho, hopefully amazon will make sound clips of the songs for you guys that never heard us before. Or, you can just email AllForNothing1 and request an mp3. Also, if you got Napster, if youre lucky, you can find us there. No shows in site as of right now. We should have at least 2 shows for February and March. Otherwise, this is a good time to take a break from that and concentrate on school and stuff. ANthony is very busy with his thesis, as well as his movie. I have just started at Institute Of Audio Research. I will be very busy with that. Both Paul and Laura are attending CSI and are busy with that stuff. Dont fret, we dont wanna stall out now while we got the CD's just bein released. So expect us in your area very soon. Later-Nick

1/6/01-Happy New Year to everyone. Well, we have one show coming up once again at Dock St. January 19th. This will be our last appearance on SI at least until March. We will be booking shows elsewhere to help promote the cd's. Pretty soon, if we are lucky, we will have something very cool to announce. For now its a secret! Thanks to everyone that has been purchasing our cd, it really is selling well surprisingly. We can now be heard on 89.5WSOU, call (973)761-WSOU to request us anytime, especially wednesday nights during Street Patrol.

12/21/00-For those that are looking to purchase our cd at Vintage Vinyl, theyre sold out. We will as soon as possible have more available at the store. Thanks to everyone who has been buying it. This Friday's show will be a one of a kind show. Returning members of Phallacy, Burnchild,Muddfoot, and Enrage will be performing for this very special show. We are the special guests and we hope to see all of our friends and fans there with a toy or canned good to help support the children that will not be having a happy holiday. Our set will be in dedication to Vanessa Weil. She passed away in a car accident recently this year. A frequent show-goer and a very sweet girl who did not deserve to have her life taken away so soon. AFN will be taking the stage at around 9:00, we have at least a 45 minute set. We have a couple new songs and other things in store.

12/05/00-Figured it was time to give a little update since our hit counter is getting close to reaching 4000 hits. Our Wagner college show wasn't our best performance. Rumor has it that a record label called Perris Records had its eyes on us. The show all together went pretty well. Its a nice place but way to small. We as a band hardly had room to move around. Starting soon we will be relocating our practice space back "The basement of wonders", which happens to be where AFN all started. Anthony now has an electric drumset so we can play at low volume not to disturb anyone. So expect some new songs to be written in the next month or so. Expect Anthony to become a better drummer than he already is. See you friday!

11/22/00-CD's are sellin like crazy. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us! We have 3 shows coming up and one of them will make some people raise their eyebrows. The first of 3 shows will be at Wagner College November 30th. This show was put together by our friends in Skrewtape. Its a free show so if you wanna come down, it will cost ya zilch! Our 2nd show will be December 8th at Bridges. We are playing with a band called Hex 13. I have recently sampled this bands cd and it rocks! Our 3rd show will be at Dock St. This show should raise a few eyebrows of people who are veterans of the old hardcore days Staten Island used to have. In June of 1995 i witnessed this bands final show at the infamous Joint in Mariners Harbor. 5 years later Phallacy will be making a one time only reunion appearance at Dock St with AFN opening up the show. Also playing will be old school bands Malcolms Lost, and Enrage. It shall be a hell of a show. We will have more shows announced soon! Hopefully in a town near you.

11/13/00-If you were at the CD release party, you got to witness the craziest show AFN has ever put on. It was wild, violent, and a lot of fun. CD's are now on sale for 8 bucks. Thanks to everyone who was there friday. It meant a lot to us and we will never forget it.

We have a show coming up December 8th at Bridges on Staten Island with bands to be announced. More December shows to be announced soon! Listen to Local Yokels on 88.9FM every sunday from 3-6 and request All For Nothing by Instant Messaging RADIOWOLF (if on AOL or AIM), or calling 982-3060.



9/17/00-Due to the fact that we are sick and tired of being screwed by clubs, we are seeking a manager. We are willing to negotiate a deal with you to help us with money matters at shows. We cant worry about all of that when we got a show to play. We also cannot tolerate getting screwed over. If you are interested in helping us out, please email You must be serious, somewhat experienced, and available when needed for a show.

9/11/00-Hope everybody had a great summer! Ours was pretty cool. We were interviewed a couple weeks ago for the Advance and it will be appearing this Sunday coming up. It will be in the Teenage section I believe. We have noticed that not a lot of people seem to be looking forward to this weekends show. I hope your minds change about that. Its going to be one of the most fun shows we will play at least till something else comes along. We hope all of you come down. C'mon! Battery is playing! They play the old school Metallica that everyone knows and loves. email for tickets. (Nicky)

8/25/00-All For Nothing will be appearing in the Staten Island Advance in September! We will be interviewed in the teen section. 3000 hits!! thanks to everybody thats been checkin out the site!!!

8/20/00-If you were at the August 19th show at Dock St., you were lucky enough (i guess) to witness members of AFN and Enrage together on one stage. Unrehearsed, and on short notice, Paul and nick on guitar, Mike on Drums, and Jeff Alteri on vocals played 2 Enrage songs. It went pretty smoothly and it was a lot of fun. AFN's overall perfomance was reviewed good as usual. But, i think we will change our usual routines prior to the show, and do them after the show so we play even better. Also, we are not playing August 25th, the show was cancelled. The show that was on September 4th, is now on September 11th.

8/7/00- HAPPY ANNIVERSERY TO OUR WEBSITE. TODAY IT IS A YEAR OLD! Just thought itd be good to update the news section and say WHAZZZUUUPPP!!! to everybody whos been checkin out the site. WE ARE CLOSING IN ON RELEASING THE CD KIDS!! ITS ALMOST READY!! WOOOHOOO...HEY DID ANYBODY WATCH THE SIMPSONS TONIGHT? It was a good episode. Ya know, the one when Homer gets bypass surgery. The Simpons rule! Oh ok on a serious (i guess) note. At this very moment, i am not sure we will be playing the August 25th show. I hear Catalyst Promotions is no more or something. The response from them about the show has been piss poor and its reminding why we stopped doing Catalyst shows. Eh...there will be another show to be announced soon. Like...tomorrow ill let ya know! Later-Nick

7/16/2000-I dunno about the rest of the band, but I have always dreamed of the day we would open up for Metallica. Then if i committed suicide, id leave in my suicide note,"dont worry, i saw metallica in concert, i met them, and i got to open up for them with my band, i can die now dont worry!" Nahh thats a little outrageous but i kinda feel that way. Ok youre all probably wondering why the hell im babbling about metallica. Well it goes like this...we are opening up for Battery Sepetember 16th at L'amour. Those that do not know who battery is, well ill tell ya. They opened up for Metallica when they released Garage Inc. They were rated the best Metallica cover band in the world by Metallica themselves. So, for all you 'tallica fans who want to see AFN, you get to check out BATTERY too. It shall be a lot of fun. Until then, check us out July 27th at Dock St!-Nick

7/12/00-The July 27th show at Dock St will be our first headlining gig. Bands include: Life's a Show,Whats your problem brian, skrewtape, and more. We are also trying to get the cd's ready by then. Its not our fault that the cd pressing company is takin a year and a day. Even before we release the cd, we already have been writing like crazy and have 3 or 4 songs to work with and more ideas to come. Also, i am trying to put mp3s on the site. They should be on here soon. Thanks!

7/03/2000- As promised, All For Nothing will be returning to SI July 27th. It will be at Dock St.Bar and Grill. A quaint little place we have played before. We will be playing what is to be one of the heaviest shows Staten Island has seen in a very long time. Other bands are to be announced. So spread the word, spread the metal. Support your local bands and if ya could, support us too!!! We hope to see the people that have been askin about us down there. As far as playing SI again after this show might not happen for a while. As arrogant as it sounds, take advantage of this opportunity.

6/29/2000-Ok...From what I have been hearing, a lot of people are pickin up on our music. Prior to the release of the United We Stand Compilation, our draw to SI shows were pretty bad and we didnt get too much respect from people. We gave up on our hometown and looked elsewhere. Like New Jersey, Brooklyn, and upstate. What I am hearing now is, people want us to play on SI again. It started with one comment, then leading to many more in the past few weeks. So, it looks like we will be making a return to the island. We are going to try and book a show at BRIDGES, which is the old Rock Palace. Hopefully by mid to late August SI fans can check us out on the island again. I appreciate all the kind words by everyone i have spoken to in the past couple of weeks. The whole band appreciates it, and we'll see you very soon! Until then, you should come to L'amours friday to check us out. We need all the support we can get.-Nick

6/25/2000-The cd will be available very soon. Our cd manufacture has been a little slow with making the cd's. You will have it soon!...We have managed to begin work on 3 brand new songs that we will begin playing live very soon. They are all very different from what will be available on the cd. One song already has a title, its a 6 minute instrumental called "Mood Swing". TICKETS FOR THE JUNE 30TH SHOW ARE STILL AVAILABLE, EMAIL ALLFORNOTHING1@AOL.COM TO ORDER THEM!!!

6/11/2000-AFN is turning to the better side of things, hoping to be a stronger band. With these changes in attitude, progress will continue a lot quicker and good things are to come. We appreciate your support.

5/31/00-You can now request all 8 tracks of AFN's soon to be released cd every Sunday from 3-6p.m. on WSIA 88.9FM. Here is the track list of songs One Step, Last Attempt, Wrong Again, All For Nothing, Stomped Blind Heart, Memoir For Desire, Good Things To Come, Food and Dust. We appeared on WSIA this past sunday for an in studio interview which was recorded. It will be appearing soon on in the next couple of weeks. You should check out the site and check out all the neat stuff it has. AFN wishes the best of luck to Jim, the new singer of RESIN. Hope to have shows together soon again.

5/10/2000-The CD is 93% finished!!Just gotta finish vocals for 2 more songs and then mix everything down. WE HAVE ANOTHER SHOW AT L'Amours MAY 28th with 2 big hardcore bands...Maurader and Common Correct. TICKETS GO ON SALE TOMORROW!!

5/5/2000-This has nothing to do with All For Nothing...Resin's singer Angelo has left the band. Resin has offered Nick to sing, but he declined for obvious reasons. Resin needs a new singer. If you feel you have the right attitude and a good voice, email We'll miss ya Ang!(anonymous)

5/4/2000 - "Good Thing To Come" appears in Anthony's film IT'S NOT MY BIRTHDAY as it's theme. In addition, Anthony plays drums on two tracks for Sean W. Gallagher's film BERSERKER GOES WAY 2 BERSERK. Both films, which are comedies, star Anthony and Laura and will be shown today to the public at the Amphitheatre at the School Of Visual Arts at 209 E. 23rd Street in Manhattan at 3pm. If you can't make it, you may get a free copy of both movies if a blank VHS tape is provided. Just give a tape to Anthony and he'll return it to you with both movies on it by the next day. SUPPORT THE SCENE AND SEEK OUT INDEPENDENT FILM!! - Ant. (as anonymous)

5/2/2000-YAHOO!!! FINALLY AN UPDATE! WE GOT THE PASSWORD! SINCE the webpage was on hiatus, we managed to collect over 2000 hits on the site! Thanks for visiting! Let's see, where do we begin? At the present time, we have just about finished our album. We also recently played our first show in brooklyn. It was at L'amour and we had a great time and cant wait to play there again. OH I GUESS I SHOULD ANNOUNCE THIS TOO. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NICK!! He turn's 19 today! Nick will be spending this morning updating the page as much as possible. More mp3's, more pics, more wacky stuff, and of update of our opinion column. ONCE AGAIN THANX FOR STOPPIN BY! "Music. Live, breath and smoke it"-Nick

2/7/00-What a kick ass set we put on Saturday. Its such a shame that their were a few babies in the crowd who have big mouths. It kind of discourages us play the Wave. Its starting to come clear how disrespectful and blind some people are. They don't realize the work that's put into a band like ours or anyone else's. The only thing improving in this scene is the bands and not the people. We apologize to our fans for having to put up with the rude comments.

Its confirmed, we are on the comp CD and the track we are using is called "Last Attempt". It appeared on the radio this past Sunday and reviews so far have been good. Even some say its better than the 9 minute long one. Expect the release of this CD to be around the middle of March. You can also expect All For Nothing to finally complete the long anticipated album to be out by the end of March (maybe sooner!)


1/29/00-I promised a monstrous update for this page and here it is. Since we do not have complete control of the new website, we cannot update it yet. So we are still using this one.

As of last Sunday, we are now able to be requested on Staten Island's only radio station 88.9 WSIA. To request us, please call (718)982-3060 during 3-6pm on Sundays and 10-2am on Wednesdays!!

We were told that 'Good Things To Come' (which you can hear a clip of in the ALBUM section) is too long for the comp CD. We are going to record another track this week at the Resin Studio. Hopefully it will be on the CD in time.


1/15/00- Hey everybody! This will be one of the last updates on this website. We have moved to . The page is not fully completed yet but you may take a peek. So far the reviews have been good.

All For Nothing is going to appear on WSIA 88.9FM's Compilation CD!!! We record on Monday the day after the big show on Sunday. We are choosing to record "Good Things To Come". Its about 9 minutes in length!

11/27/99- Its nick, I'm having some trouble uploading MP3 files and it looks like i might be changing servers. ANGELFIRE SUCKS! Or I could be lazy and just use another server for the MP3's. Sorry for the delay if you wanted to hear our music. December 9th we will begin pre-production of the new recording.

11/15/99-AFN has decided never to play IMAGES again. For many reasons like its a bar, its small, nobody can find the place, and you have to be 21 to get in. Our performance wasn't as good as the past couple of shows we had. Paul's amplifier did not make it to the club in time so he had to use a little fender amp that he had trouble getting used to. Nick had trouble getting to the place because a toll collector decided to rob him 5 dollars claiming that he had did something that he was told not to do. Nick also made a bad comment during the performance but then took back. It was a comment we all could agree on but something he should not have said...JERSEY SUCKS!!  Luckily, everyone was cool with it because they had also agreed. BUT it caused us to argue with each other anyway. Its true that too many good shows consecutively will always have the bad one to follow. We also do not know when we will be playing on SI again. Recording will begin very soon!

10/25/99-AFN will be celebrating 3 years together this Wednesday. 3 years of practice after practice, show after show, day after day will all finally be resulted in a CD hopefully out by November early December.

10/05/99- Our CD will be ready hopefully by mid November, maybe sooner. It is being remixed and recorded by Frank Vento. He is an experienced engineer who has recorded many artists. A spring tour is being planned for the entire New England area, Canada, and the Tri State. What will then follow is a summer tour and then we will begin work on our second CD if the first does well!

9/20/99-We went on first, so what! 25 of you mothafuckas came to see us last night and it was the most we've had for a wave show since like 2 years ago. Special thanks to Vinny for helping us with our gear. A big thank you for everyone that we didn't even have to beg to come. Old friends showed up, we were fantastic in my opinion. My finger busted open on the first song and right now my strings, pickups, shirt, pants, pick are completely covered in blood. We all played our hearts out for you and had a great time. Shout-outs to Dizney Fist even though they wont see this for kickin' ass once again. Shout-outs to our buds ReSin for showing Staten Island that metal and hardcore will soon be making a comeback. Shout-outs to Vent for showing that shows can be fun and of course kickin' ass. And of course, ENRAGE for still doing what they do for such a long time. So what'd you guys think of the new song? Oh the new song is that very long when Paul represents his classical influences. We hope this show draws the line of the past where nobody cared about us. Maybe as more and more shows come everyone will see that we together as one band named All For Nothing will represent Staten Island as one of the very few great bands here and I don't care if that sounds conceited. Our next show is October 29th, 1:30 in the morning. We will be selling advanced tickets so if you'd like to check us out again which i hope you do, they will be available as soon as they appear in my mailbox. Once again, thanks to everyone that came we hope we did ya justice!

9/13/99- As of today, we were added to a huge show at The Wave. This showcase involves 20+ bands and the likes of Island Records, Victory Records, Catalyst Promo, Exit, and others will be attending. If these people dig us, well... you know what will happen then, so we need all of your support. This will be the show where we get our asses off the ground. We need to pull at least 30 people to this show. More info as the weeks go on! Oh yeah...the show is October 29th and we go on at 1:30 in the morning. Sounds tough?  Yeah maybe but we'll do whatever it takes to be heard.


9/11/99-Next Sunday we will be playing The Wave for the Umpteenth time. We will be helping Enrage celebrate their long awaited (i guess) full length album. The show begins at 7, we are unsure when we go on so be there early for us. We figure a 30 minute set. We plan on playing the following songs: Good Things To Come (brand new tune,9 minutes in length), One Step, False Me, Wrong Again (re-entering set list due to high request), and maybe just for the hell of it Summer of 69. We might also play Stomped Blind Heart which is one of our 2 ballads if there is time. We plan on kickin' the shit out of the place. We are going to be louder, heavier, my vocals are improved and we are tighter than we've ever been. It would be a good idea to check us out.

9/8/99-Once again, we were screwed out of getting the CD finished. But, it gives us sometime to maybe squeeze in a few tunes still in the make. PLEASE COME TO THE SEPTEMBER 19th show!! We need everyone there to support us!!!

8/25/99-200 hits since 8/15. Have you ever heard of Jones Soda? Well if you have, you'd notice that on each label of the sodas there is a different picture. Our own Laura Zaino had recently given a few of her photographs to Jones Soda and her pictures were chosen!! Laura, besides being the bassist for AFN, is a very talented photographer. If you see a Jones Soda bottle with a picture of a roller coaster about to go down hill, or a picture of a wall clock, its probably hers. Collect them if you can and maybe someday it'll be a collectors item!

08/18/99- 91 hits!! Thanks for visiting! It has been confirmed that we will be going into the studio at the very end of the month! More info to come!

08/07/99- This weekend was supposed to be the weekend we go back in the studio to remix 6 of the old tracks and record 4 brand new tracks (total 10 tracks!!) for our first real independently released debut album. Our producer had personal things to take care of so we wont be doing it this weekend. The newest track entitled "Good Things To Come" was completed on Thursday and was videotaped and timed. This will be the longest and heaviest AFN song ever written. Timed at 9 minutes and 35 seconds, its a tribute to every great thrash metal song ever made. It begins with a Spanish guitar intro and then the mayhem begins. We cant wait till you get the chance to hear it. When we go in the studio again is TBA at this time.