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The opinions expressed on this page are the opinions of Anthony or Nick.  They do not necessarily apply to the rest of the band.  it's just a place to vent. Also, below each column is a comment box for you the fan to express your own vents and thoughts. Go nuts, we might put yours on there!  


Nick's Opinion Column

"Straight From The Horse's Mouth"

Anthony's Opinion Column

"Thoughts from the Throne"

11/16/00-NICK FOR PRESIDENT!-This is exactly why i will not vote. I just cant vote for 2 schmucks with empty promises. Yes i know it is a privelage to vote. People fought and died just so we could vote. It also says somewhere that we have a freedom of choice not to. No matter who you vote for there will always be something wrong with either person. No one is perfect, and no one should stand on that stage and promise to America that they are gonna make a change. If was running for president I would say "Hey, i care a lot about America and id like to see this country stand tall. I'll do whatever i can to make the country a little better. I cant promise you much, but i will promise to try for everything the country needs." I know theres more to that, but if i saw someone running that said that, id say now theres an honest man. We got all of this bullshit now with the recount of the votes between Gore and Bush. One of them is trying to swindle america by screwing up the votes. How could you vote for someone like that? Someone who doesnt like being fair running the country, i cant see that. We may as well have a dictator run the country if we didnt want a fair country.

8/22/00-WEST NILE HYSTERIA!!-As I sit here with a stiff neck, bad ass headache, and a slight fever, I've come to realize something. Even though I probably do not have the West Nile Virus since any mosquitoes have not bitten me, I still have become very paranoid. How could something like this happen so easily to us? Well, I am not much of a newsy type person who gives a shit about the world. I can tell you this much though, I think it has something to do with our Middle East enemies. Think about it, we have bombed the shit out of Iraq so many times, they cant do anything to us because they cant fly their planes here. By the time they even get to the Atlantic they would run out of gas. So there is one other way of getting us back. Since New York City is ground zero for America, why not get someone from Iraq a flight to New York to somehow release this virus. Maybe put in a puddle of water where the mosquitoes breed. Its really simple and for the most part it puts a lot of stress on everyone who is trying to get away from it. If I was Saddam, id be laughing my ass off and noticing how weak we really are. We can't fight off mosquitoes with patriot missiles or hydrogen bombs (well we could but that'd be ridiculous). So basically we are defenseless to biological weapons. They are so easy to get here too, there are a lot of sick geniouses out there that can get by these so called security procedures and kill us all if they wanted. So if I do have the west nile virus, I say congratulations to Saddam for making America look like a bunch of fools. But fuck you for doing this to us.

5/21/00-VERY INTERESTING TOPIC! My views on the whole thingy: I believe that what Metallica is doing is absoulutley by no question the right thing to do. I am not saying that cause i am a long time metallica fan. I am guilty, i use napster religously. Everybody does illegal things, many illegal things occur inside this band that are none of your business cause they are illegal.DUH! For those that do not know what napster is.

Napster is a server program that makes it possible for people to trade Mp3's. What we do is take our cds, upload the tracks and make them into Mp3's with programs like Musicmatch and i think Winamp does it too, not sure. What you then can do is, type in the band and track you want to download. If you are lucky, someone else may have it. You then are downloading straight from their hard drive. Ok, thats pretty neat right? WRONG!! Musicians like me and possibly you, would like to get our music out there. A program like napster might be good to us since we must first spend money to make it. For a band like Metallica, or Vision Of Disorder, or Black Sabbath, they dont have to lose money anymore. They're popular enough for people to spend the 16 bucks to get the entire album. Their music is copyrighted and published. Therefore it states on the cds "Any unauthorized reproduction, public broadcast, sampling is prohibted." OOPS! Napster is unauthorized! Gee arent they fucked now? Well these rock superstars are so busy with their round the clock duties as superstars that they never stepped upon napster. It wasn't Metallica themselves that fell upon it, it was the strong lawyers they have that saw it. Lars Ulrich who is a complete dick which makes metallica look bad, had to be the one to start the trouble with napster. He is not a cheapskate as some may seem to think. In the near future if napster continues to run rampid, there will no longer be a need for CD's. Money goes down the drain, and it gets tougher to make recordings and to tour and promote the music they create.

Imagine you own a supermarket. Imagine letting someone walk out of the store with a banana. No big deal right? Imagine 300,000 people stealing a banana A DAY!! I work in a supermarket, i think one banana costs like 60 cents. I am no genius at math, ok i aint even good at math. I do know that, thats a lot of money lost. ITS STEALING PLAIN AND SIMPLE, LEAVE METALLICA ALONE! I am a hypocrite cause like i said i do use napster. I will continue to use napster and metallica has every right if they wish to ban me from napster. I'll still listen to them, i still love them the same, and if i was ever to meet them again (which i have), i would say THANK YOU for showing me how wrong i was for stealing. I encourage people to download our music when it comes available to promote. If perhaps in the near future we make it, my mind might change about that. That is, if a website decides to promote the download of Mp3, they must pay the bands a royalty and save the cyber addicts the worry of being shutout of sampling new music. That is all i will say about this matter. This isnt even an opinion, its a god damn fact that its illegal to be doing this. Another thing is people are turning thier backs on metallica for doing this, YOURE JUST ANOTHER TRENDY! Youre too blind to realize what is happening here. OLD SCHOOL METALLICA STILL REMAINS THE BEST METAL EVER CREATED. Everyone in that band minus Lars are surprisingly the nicest of people. I know that from experience, i have met them before. For the record though, I NEVER DOWNLOADED ANY SONGS BY METALLICA ON NAPSTER. I was sent an Mp3 of "I disappear" that was downloaded from napster but thats about it. BTW speaking of that song, ITS THE WORST SONG THEY EVER MADE. Its total crap and they probably know it. BYE

5/3/2000- I want to make it clear that this opinion column is not just for venting. The following opinion is about a band I really like. It was back in the summer of 1997. This was just as the hard-core scene was pretty much dead. There were still shows at the Joint. Me, Laura, and Anthony went one night and witnessed 2 awesome bands. Acrid, and BoySetsFire. I had seen a lot of bands prior to that show but no band ever impressed me as much as BoySetsFire. I totally fell in love with their sound. It was hardcore but emotional at the same time. The singer, Nathan Grey has one of the best voices. So anyway, at that time they were just starting to put out cd's and stuff. I picked up "The day the sun went out" and it just took me over completley. One of my top 10 favorite albums. I saw them one more time after that at the Joint, then the place was shutdown forever. I still continued to search for mor material by them. I then purchased their first ep, "The Crying the screaming". What i love most about it is the crappy sound quality. I still enjoy it even though the volume levels are too low. So their must be something about them that makes me continue to love them so fucking much. Then in 98 i believe, i bought "In Chrysalis". This new EP has only 5 songs on it. The first 2 are infuckingcredible!!! I get chills through my entire body when i hear those 2 tracks. Whats even cooler about it, they cover Holiday In Cambodia by the Dead Kennedys. Just last week they released a full length entitled "After the Eulogy". They are now signed to Victory records and i have a feeling that they are going to be heard a lot more now on the radio. I have mixed feelings about that. I have that "this is my band and nobody else can like them" attitude. Thats only because i saw them from when they were just starting. Anyway back to the new album. I have listened to it only 4 times so far. The quality has improved a lot since "The Day The Sun Went Out". This album just totally blows me away. I am loving it more each time i listen to it. Theres so many catchy hooks and wonderful lines in the songs that make you think. I can even hear a little Iron Maiden in some of the guitar work. Its still Emotional Hardcore though by far. Even though i have that attitude i mentioned, i suggest all of you that are reading this to sample BSF. They rule, they are one of my inspirations and i hope that they can be for you too.-Nick

09/24/99- Well yeah its been a while since I updated this thing. Nobody reads it anyways. MUSIC ON A DOWNFALL: As much as I see the Staten island scene rising, I still see the pop music scene falling. its an insult to everybody who has been dedicated to underground music for so long to call a band like Korn or Limp Bizkit or Kid Rock hardcore. Characterizing music the way MTV and these other mags do fuckin pisses me off. For the record, ALL FOR NOTHING is not hardcore. We are not "heavy metal", we are not "Punk" and we most certainly are not "Alternative". We will play whatever we want so a much wider group of people can dig us. Back to the whole hardcore thing. Another thing is these hard-ass mothafuckas who have been going to shows for a long time thinking they know all about the music they love so much. A band we play shows with a lot and dig named Resin have been criticized by these people for calling themselves hardcore. Their influences maybe something like Metallica, Korn, or Pantera. That doesn't mean what they do and what they write and how they sing cant be hardcore. All these hard-asses don't realize that Hardcore is metal. if it wasn't for the Bad Brains and Bio Hazard making themselves sound the way they do because of their influences, you wouldn't hear what you hear today. 


08/22-Since high school, I've noticed that a lot of these so called "rockers" or "Goths" or "punkers" whatever the fuck you wanna call it, they all are just insecure bastards who cant try to be themselves like normal society should be doing. Now you may say, "wait a minute...he dissing on me cause of the trend I follow? he's got long hair". Well yeah I got long hair. My long hair (which isn't that long) has nothing to do with being a musician or for head banging purposes. I have always despised the fact that people should cut their hair. its the only portion of the body that doesn't look gross when not cut. Anyway...I guess this is a whole bunch of opinions but oh well. I remember when I was young, I had experienced a lot of different music. Now at age 7 or 8 I had grown to love a band called Bon Jovi. I mean, I was obsessed, couldn't go a day without listening to them. The point I'm making about that is, I can bet all the money I have that anyone reading this has listened to a hair band when they were younger. Nowadays, they wont admit it. its uncool to like that era cuz of how weird it looks today. Well I'm proud to still say I listen to Bon Jovi occasionally. And yes, I have a copy of a copy of Monster Ballads. So all you punkers, Goths, and rockers or whatever u call yourselves should not be afraid to admit what your roots are. I suddenly do not know where this is going anymore, so ill shut up. if you would like to share something similar to this, email me and ill post it on here.

DEAR READER, - I will be updating this as much as I can because somebody might find it amusing. So if you're interested in my ranting, come back often because there might be something new. If you agree with anything I say or want to send me a death threat, I invite you to e-mail me ( Please mention the date and/or the title of the entry you are responding to. Oh yes, please make the subject of your e-mail "ANTHONY LURITO IS A JERK" so i can quickly distingush what it is and make sure i'm not opening one of those fucking ads. Don't e-mail me to say that I have bad grammar because I know that already you jerk. -Love, Anthony.

10/20/00 - GARLIC HEAVEN - There seems to be little room left on here. I can't write fully. I must abbrev. I never really write about the band. We're pretty excited 'cause we have an album. It's probably all pressed by now. I'm also excited because we'll be going up to Saugerties to play at my friend Evan's party. I met Evan through Sean. Sean is my good friend at school. I guess Evan liked our school so much that he decided to go here. Anyways, Sean and Evan are in the Saugerties band Double Exposure. They're neat. So are Evan's parties. So, we were up there this summer (minus Paul). We were thinking about calling ourselves the Paul Strafer Band because Paul wasn't able to be there. This time, Paul will get to see what it's like at one of Evan's parties. They're damn cool. This will only be my second time in Saugerties but from the experiences we had at the last time, I feel like an expert. BTW, Double Exposure has a live cd called "IN THE CROWD". It's real good and it has a video on it. DE is linked.Email dem

07/26/00 - MACH ZERO - I am sorry for all that is written here. ...especially if you don't like it. Hell, in that case, don't fucking read it. Doesn't it suck when a concorde crashes into a hotel? I bet it sucks even more if you're in that hotel or on that plane. How fucking fast do you need to get to New York anyway? I think with the concorede it takes three hours. I have no point except that these people needed to get the hell out of France. Can you blame them? The 24th was my first real day of my new job at Virgin Atlantic. Coincidence?: The first customer that i checked in was going to that very same airport that the concorde took off from. Mind you, from Newark, Virgin flies only to London. This person was going to Paris. Why not take Air France or something? For some reason this person was taking Virgin and was stoping in London only to go right back on a plane headed to Paris' Charles De Gaulle Airport where the concorde was on that very same day. Makes you think, eh? This was my very first customer. Maybe this means something... God, I hope not!

05/19/00 - WHO SAYS PROSTITUTION IS ILLEGAL? (AND OTHER STORIES) - See what happens when you stop visiting me? You miss out. I haven't written so many entries like this in a long time. Hi. How's it going? So...hmm. What to say? Yeah. Does anybody actually read this shit? I just really want to know. E-mail me. Why don't all boy bands just choke on each other's penises and die? How long can humanity actually handle anymore of this teeny bopper bullshit? Why are they insulting us by putting this shit on our radios and t.v.s. 'NSYNC, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, The Backstreet Boys...i hate them all. Who the fuck is making us listen to these whores?!?! Isn't there laws against this? They make laws against porno but they don't make laws against boy band tenny bopper shit! All it is is a form of legalized under age prostitution. This country is fucked up! Do you actually think that these people like what they're doing. They're whoring themselvs around. This is not art. These people should not be considred artists. They are prostitutes. They are whores. They do what their manager (pimp) says. They have some washed up 40-50 year old guy write their songs and they hire some ex-stripper dance coaches and a whole fucking dance troupe and they got an act that thrives on the "artist's" Barbie and Ken body that most shallow teenagers that listen to this shit would kill for(except Britney Spears, she's actually kind of fat if you look closely at the airbrushing) and their little to no singing talent. The singing comes last. It doesn't matter. As long as they look good. Teeny boppers suck. Whoever does not agree with me about this must die...seriously. On to an unrelated subject: Does any guy actually like Tori Amos? Believe me, I have nothing against her or anything but I think that 90% of men who say they like Tori Amos probably don't. They're just trying to get laid 'cause every fucking girl loves Tori Amos (at least the cool girls do). They just don't want to use the 'NSYNC/Backstreet Boy route. If guys claim that they like 'NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys, then they probably don't like girls (or at least that's what the girls would think). In my senior year of high school, I went to see silverchair (for some reason they don't capitalize the 's'). silverchair was a cool band back in the day (i guess they're still cool; i just don't listen to them anymore). Little did i know, 12 to 13 year old girls thought so too. But they liked them for different reasons than i did. I couldnt help but feel somewhat strange to be at a silverchair show at that time. One of the girls in line that was obviously a little bit to infatuated with the drummer asked me "if you were a guy would you fuck me?" I always thought i was a guy. Perhaps she thought i was a differnt form of a guy. i have no idea. But that drove the final nail into the coffin. I needed to get the fuck out of there. I never thought that silverchar was a teeny bopper band. The music sure doesnt show it. Heck, i didnt know that they were even teenagers when i first heard them. I'm not gonna lie, i did stay to see the show. But i couldn't even hear them. It felt like the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show two fold. All you heard was screaming. That was all i heard. I don't think the guys in silverchair ever wanted anything like this...and the Beatles also for that matter. I think they just wanted to play some songs and go back to Austrailia. Teeny Bopper bands were designed to attract little girls (And some boys). They want them to spend their parents money to go to their shows and buy their cd's, magazines, posters, t-shirts, pillows, bedspreads, hats, notebooks, binders, novels, soda, condoms or whatever else they can squeeze out of their hormones. Mommys and Daddys should control their little girls. Tori Amos is a different story though. I happen to like Tori Amos.

05/18/00 - SHORT HAUL -Death comes to us all. In my former life, i was a table lamp. What the fuck was i doing in Texas on Monday? In this past weekend i have been to Memphis, New Orleans and Houston. I welcome stopovers. Not only is it cheaper to stopover but it is good experience to be somewhere that you haven't been before even if it's just the local airport. My entire intake for monday was eggs and grits for breakfast, gumbo, jubalaya (sp?) and corn muffins for lunch and Taco Bell for dinner. Texas has pretty good Taco Bell. If anyone is planning a trip to New Orleans (N'orlins), i strongly suggest having some gumbo and quickly washing it down with a Hand Granade within the first hour you are there. A Hand granade is labled as the most powerful drink in New Orleans. It probably is. You gotta look for it though, it's hard to find. It's only availiable in like three places in the French Quarter. But it's a good find. If you want to take a good Vampire tour, make sure you take it with Chaz the Crazy Drunken Vampire. I believe he's the only tour guide in New Orleans that makes himself bleed. What more can you ask for? For 13 bucks, you get a really good 2-hour tour complete with scary stories that are well-told and acted out, an extended bar break, and some bloodletting. Chaz is truly a genius. No visit to New Orleans is complete without taking his tour.

05/08/00 - BEATLE REUNION -How do? All of a sudden, I have been really into the Beatles. I have no idea why this happened. It's been a while since we last saw each other. I'm sorry about that. I want to tell you so much...but i have to go to Costco now. Sorry. Bye.

12/20/99 LONG TALL WEEKEND - I have nothing really to say right now. Except that I am in my school's library writing this. it's a nice library on the 2nd floor of 280 2nd Ave. (or is it 380 2nd Ave, I don't remember) I had a long weekend shooting my film. I'm a film student. I go to film school in Manhattan. I had to sleep in a studio all weekend. I am very worn out. I hope the film is good. Yesterday, I found myself in a bad mood when I got home. I should have been in a good mood because I just got back from shooting 90% of my film and Christmas is soon and I leave for London 3 days after Christmas. I don't understand. I guess tired equals bad mood. anyway, if everything goes well with the processing and editing, the film should be pretty good (I hope). the best way to describe the film would be "Rounders" mixed with "Desperado," "Fight Club" and "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" with an interesting lesson about taking the easy way out of things. For some reason, it's a comedy but not a rolling-on-the-floor-bawling type of comedy. it should cause one to chuckle because there is a whole lot of funny stuff in it. it also has action. I'm probably gonna put "Good Things To Come" in the soundtrack. That's not because I want to advertise for the band (that would be stupid). it's because I truly think the song would greatly enhance the film. Last year, I made a film where I used an instrumental portion of "Change This" and almost the entire of "Wrong Again." The little piece "Change This" worked nicely. I used "Wrong Again" for end credits because the movie was about taking advice from somebody even you know that the person is wrong. it really just did not go well. I then started to feel stupid. The song messed up my film and in return I messed up the song. From then on, I vowed (to myself) not to use the band's music in my films especially if I am not 100% sure that it will work. in this case, I just have to use "Good Things To Come." I basically had it in my head the whole time I was working on the film. I KNOW it will be very good for the film. you can call me "Susan" if I'm wrong. anyway, I should probably stop talking. I gotta poop real bad. (I guess I had a bunch to say after all)

11/5/99 FIVE BEFORE SILVER - I am no longer a hip teenager. actually, I never was a hip teenager. in fact, I might just have missed my teenage years entirely and not even knew it. if you haven't guessed or have no idea, today I have turned twenty (20). I'm not sure how I feel about that. I feel like I'm twelve (12). At twelve, you have to pay full price at the movie theatres but you can't go into a PG-13 movie. this bummer is somewhat similar for me and my fellow twenty-year-olds because we're too old to be teenagers and too young to drink. this sucks. I think it sucks worse for twelve-year-olds though. we should all comfort twelve-year-olds. homework assignment: next time you see a twelve-year-old, tell him or her how sorry you are.

THE DOWNFALL OF CIVILIZATION - True story: I walk into the crowded public bathroom at the movie theatre where I work, and there was this (swear to god) FUCKING ASSHOLE standing there pissing into a urinal, dick in one hand, cell phone in the other. This man was talking on a cell phone and pissing at the same time in a CROWDED PUBLIC FUCKING BATHROOM!!! WHAT THE FUCK is this man talking about that's so fucking important!? if I were him, I would have to kick my own ass. Normally, I would just say that cell phones are a little too excessive (I believe a beeper is more than enough in our modern times). I have used cell phones before (I owned one for a week), and found that it doesn't make my life much easier. it doesn't take somebody that scored 1400 on their SAT's to figure out that pay phones exist. Most of us dwell in areas that have gas stations and shopping malls (areas that would have public pay phones). if you ask me, people that live in cities and suburbia's have no reason to possess cell phones. Pay phones exist every five feet in any U.S. city. Cell phones should only be used for car emergencies in areas where people have no idea what a light bulb is (I.e. Nepal, Siberia, New Jersey). This lowest form of human life draining his rod in the bathroom, from what I gather (by overhearing his conversation), was not talking about anything important at all. There was no need for him do be lowering himself to primate. Less than two feet from the entrance of the bathroom are four perfectly good pay phones. I've proudly used them all and I can tell you from experience that they work just fine. if anybody reading this has ever used a cell phone in a public bathroom to say "hi" to your friend, please kill yourself now. You have no right to be a member of my species. Your existence is pointless. Do every living creature on earth a favor: die!

8/22/99 - THE FIRST SITTING - Today I was thinking about Auschwitz (the concentration camp). I heard that they now have visiting tours of the place. I mean, I guess that's all interesting and stuff, but I'm just scared of one thing: gift shops. I've been to many museums and tourist-type places and everyone of them had a gift shop. Auschwitz probably has a gift shop. Wouldn't be scary (and funny) if they have t-shirts that say "I Survived Auschwitz" or tins with cookies that say "Baked in The Ovens Of Auschwitz." I mean, I've been to gift shops where they sell food that you're supposed to take home. A few weeks ago, I went to Las Vegas (one of my favorite cities in the world). in Vegas, there's a gift shop/tourist trap every five feet. I remember one of them sold boxes of Las Vegas Brand chocolates. The box had a picture of Vegas' top tourist attractions (casinos). You can tell that no local would buy this shit. The funny part is on the bottom, written really small, it said "Made in Taiwan." What the fuck is the point of having this? Does any asshole buy this crap? People that buy souvenirs made from places that they're not at should shampoo my crotch.


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