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Hello, this is part 2 of my mumblings. Although you probably do not bother reading this. I feel it is necessary to share my thoughts. Anthony does too, its a webpage and we have freedom of speech so we shall take advantage of it. Speaking of freedom, i shall begin my second column on that subject.

11/04/01-George Carlin was right once again!: Maybe the FBI shouldve taken him more seriously about his Airport security bit. He stated this a good year or so ago. Prior to September 11th, you were of course not allowed to bring weapons of any kind onto an airplane. They gave you knives and forks though when it was dinner time. I guess the terrorists must be huge Carlin fans, cause thats pretty much what they used besides box cutters. This country should have never felt as safe as they thought we were. The FBI and the CIA have no clue what human beings are capable of. Also do not think that now since theyve beefed up security in every way that an anti-american will not find a way. They will, no matter how much we try and stop them.

There was a huge lesson learned though from all of this. We learned that we are spoiled, we are all brats, and extremley lazy. We are one of the only countries that allows as much freedom as this. So what if you hate least your allowed to say so. Theres people in Afghanistan that still have no idea why we are attacking them. Their government is not allowing them to know. Their government also keeps them from believing a religion besides Islam. Islam happens to have the largest following in the world. That doesnt mean everyone will want to follow it. Maybe they think Jesus Christ or Budda is GOD. They cant think that though, theyll get shot. At least we can, and that is why we have no right to complain about this country. I wrote a song for the new album that few of you have heard so far. Its called My Choice. This song deals with a few issues that id like to explain before its taken the wrong way. The main issue is Abortion. We live in a country that allows this. I agree that its wrong to kill babies. Yet i also feel that it should still be allowed. Its not like all women do this to themselves on purpose cause they like killing lives. Sometimes they most certainly have to. I think thats understandable. When prohabition began in the 20's, what happened? There were "speak easy bars" and bootleggin and stuff. People were doing everything they could to get their hands on alcohol. It was finally allowed a few years later. The point im putting across about that is. If we take away the freedom of abortion, women will still do it anyway. There will be "speakeasy abortion clincs. Where theyll have to subject themselves to possible in experienced unsanitary abortions. Women have their reasons, and they should have the right. Its their body, not yours.

Anyway! the whole point of the song really is just stating that we shouldnt take what we have for granted. Im not a patriotic person but its one thing to love a country that allows you to speak your mind, and peirce body parts, and choose where you wanna live, and go to schools that you wanna go to, and get a good job that pays well, and to be a rock star, or sports star, or poet, etc. Although some of us might disagree with some of the things that are allowed. If they dont involve you, then dont worry about it. You dont have to do anything thats allowed. Its your choice, cause you live in america. You can do that ya know. *

********anthony u begin here, but do not write above this********

05/18/00 .



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