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Well maybe we are hypocrites for saying that we didnt like a long rambling story. In order to sound impressive, we should write one.

Q: What exactly is "All For Nothing"?

What happens when a band so frustrated by the island they live on that the anger has so much trouble leaving them? Well to put it plainly,it creates bitter music. Bitterness and anguish usually equal intense consciquences. AFN had began their adventure in the year 1996. Having no direction but personal issues that they could not let rest without releasing it through words and melody. They didnt care if the music they played was so full of variety. One thing stood true though, it was emotional. With all the influences they had grew up on, whatever they came up with had some type of thrive behind it. Not even realizing what they were capable of. So a few years go by, members change, and finally a solid lineup is established. Was there a direction? No, not just yet. They still had a lot of growing up to do. They had this in them the whole time but couldnt spit it out. It was choking them. They would have to play meaningless gigs, fight constantly, and be depressed all the time because no one cared about bands on staten island. They released an album on their own in 2000. It was basically the best stuff they had written up until then. The album did pretty well due to the fact that they had 2 college radio stations playing it. To listeners, it seemed cool for a band to have their own strange style, but the band didnt seem to notice what people were saying. They didnt notice people singing along. Then finally in early 2001, they put their foot down, grew up, and put the guns away and got to work. The potential of this band finally poured out like a bleeding heart. They finally could make a soundtrack that perfectly blended with the words they put in front of it. A complete 360 from the first record, afn released "sweet anguish" in march of 2002. One hell of a 360...You would think it was a completley different band, but it wasnt. AFN grew up, it only took them 5 years! Now nothing but smiles between the four of them. Shows since then have been more enjoyable, and people are singing along!! All they need now is to get on the road and promote themselves. This coming spring and summer, they will do that. As people, you will find them as being friendly, silly, and against tough guy attitudes. Even though they play brutal, emotional, hardcore metal...dont expect them to scare you. This is the music that gets them through the day, and this is the music they live for. All they want is to be heard, enjoyed, and appreciated being the therapy for those who go through what they go through everyday.