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AFN should thank the following people for without them we would not be alive (metaphorically):

Thanks To Dave, The Damned Cause Photographer For Hookin' Us Up With The Pics

Those Who Have been Past Band Members

  • Danny Cartigiano (1996)
  • Will Iommi (1996)
  • Cliff Weimer (1996-97)

Those Who Have Performed With Us On Stage/and bands we have enjoyed playing with

  • Bizgig
  • Mike Shane
  • Scott Robinson
  • Resin/Angelo performed with us on stage
  • Vent
  • Enrage
  • Dizney Fist
  • Miracle Of 86
  • Darien
  • Cable Car Theory
  • Jet Set Domino
  • Enemy Me
  • Interference
  • Chemical Road
  • Years After
  • Invision
  • Damned Cause
  • On The Rise
  • Comin Correct
  • Skrewtape
  • Double Exposure

Those who Have done Other Things For Us As Listed

  • Eric Diaz (for setting us up with our first shows)
  • "Extra" Jeff Alteri (for hooking us up with some of the best shows [and for letting us headline one!]and for just helping us out when nobody else would)
  • Mike Patrissy (for designing some of our early stickers)
  • All trampolines everywhere (because we like to jump on them)
  • Gatorade, the thirst quencher (for quenching our thirsts)
  • Philip Morris (for their contributions in the anti-youth smoking campaign and for taking care of our nicotine addictions) Nick and Laura are NOT involved with that statement.
  • Starbucks Coffee (for their rocket fuel even though they are a chain of corporate coffee bars)
  • Megan Brophy (for designing our webpage)
  • Converse (because we like to walk on them)
  • Our colons (for helping us get rid of waste)
  • That weird guy that lives next to Paul (for telling us to keep practicing and to give him beer)
  • All that have come to our shows to see us (even the ones we had to beg)
  • The rest of the world (particularly those we forgot to thank)
  • Phil
  • Most importantly, Paul Carstens for putting up with us for the past few months recording our cd for us.
  • To Bill and Craig of Local Yokels 88.9 FM for playing our songs on the station
  • To Mike Garofolo from and Bill Powell for letting us be on The United We Stand Compilation CD.
  • All of the bands we grew up listening to for inspiring us to be what we are today
  • This also goes out to all our fellow local band friends for helping each other out. The unity of the bands exists, but we need you the people to be apart of the unity too. We thank all that have supported the Staten Island scene even if they werent there to support us. You help these bands grow. Not just them alone can succeed!